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Dark Skies Light Fixtures

We are showing lights that qualify for the “Dark Skies” initiatives that are springing up all over the country. We are very proud to be part of this movement. We have for years encouraged our clients to use less light instead of more. This is because we believe that less light is actually more functional than bright glaring lights.

The lighting white lens we use in our fixtures goes a long ways to qualify for most “Dark Skies” initiatives where the regulations call for a maximum number of lumens per fixture. Each initiative is slightly different.

We have many lights that are ‘full cut off’ which qualify for all initiatives. We manufacture the fixtures in Cedar and Powder Coated Steel. We will show you these fixtures on this page of our web site. We can answer any questions you may pose on all of our other fixtures in relationship to the “Dark Skies” ordinance in your area.

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New LED Down Light Bollard

The S271DC is a design used by the U S Forest Service in some of their small amphitheater lecture areas.

The light is directed brightly down in order for their patrons to see how to enter and exit the aisle of the amphitheater. It makes a beautiful fixture where you want the light down, not in anyone’s eyes and still functional. Suitable for paths, yard perimeters and walks. Clear Lens Enclosed. Finished with Oil based sealer.

LED 8 Watt lamp included(40 watt Incandescent equivalent) LED 18 Watt Available(100 watt Incandescent equivalent) Add $10.---36" Tall, 7" Square

S271DC - $350

Idaho Wood
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Powder Coated Steel Louvered Bollard

This louvered steel bollard has been in our line for 17 years. It was so well accepted that we made most of our contemporary designs available in powder coated steel bollards. The M100 casts it's light downward and is completely a no trespass fixture in the lower heights. This fixture will stand up to any extreme conditions. Available in all colors. Available with HID luminaires. Add $190

24" H
30" H
36" H
48" H
5" sq., 7" sq. @ louvers, MW75

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Slat Wall Light

The slat wall light will allow no light upward and only a nice diffused light in limited quantity outward.

Includes 5000 hr. lamp. 13" H, 6 1/2"W, 9"D, MW 40. Available with Compact Fluorescent and LED.


R262 - $84

Idaho Wood
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Full Cut Off Steel/Wood Trimmed Post Light

This post/landscape light is available in heights from 3’ to 10’. It is available for incandescent or compact fluorescent lamps.

This is a forever fixture. Its structure is a complete powder coated steel post and fixture head covered with Clear Cedar. The Powder Coated Steel Corners show. The Cedar wrap is designed to always look good and natural. The Steel is forever and the Wood is easily replaceable if damaged. Wrap is attached with Stainless Steel Bolts. This fixture will put the light where it can be used and not in the the sky. Steel is Powder Coated Black. Cedar is finished with an Oil based sealer.

Maximum wattage -100 incandescent - A 26 fluorescent Lamp included.

3' 4' 5' 6' 8' 10'
$245 $265 $295 $335 $385 $435

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Solid Cedar Accent Light

This solid cedar design works well as accent lighting. The 258 is simple and clean with broad appeal. When used with wood cap this makes a very nice dark skies light. Long-life lamp included.

11"H, 5 1/2"W, 8"D, MW 60

R258 - $49
S258 - $52



Louvered No Light Trespass

This slat light will keep light out of the skies and allows for light downward only.

The landscape light attaches to 3/4" rigid conduit. The taller post lights will emit some light outward at eye level.

Post light head and landscape light dimensions are 18" H, 7 1/2" sq. Finished with an Oil based sealer. Includes long life bulb -MW 75

R263- $147



The landscape light attaches to 3/4" rigid conduit. The post light can be direct burial or concrete pad or deck mounted.

Dimensions are 18" high, 1/2" square. Finished with an Oil based sealer. Includes long life bulb- MW 75




You have a choice of incandescent, compact fluorescent or LED bulbs for our Fixtures. See Lamp/LED page for details. All of the fixtures have slightly different requirements of maximum wattage. Wall lights are generally 60 watts and bollard and small post lights 100 watts. Inquire with us as to your needs.

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