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All products are grouped in catagories or types. Each product has a block of information containing it's number, price, finish designation, dimensions, maximum wattage and a brief description.

Wood Materials
Cedar - Clear Western Red Cedar
Oak - Clear (FAS) Northern States Red Oak
All wood is stabilized in our own slow drying dehumidifying kiln.

Finish Designations
R = Resawn Cedar Look
All R wall lights are unfinished
All R landscape lights are finished with Oil based sealer

S = Smooth Sanded Cedar
All S wall lights are finished with Clear Danish Watco Oil
All S landscape lights are finished with Oil based sealer

O = Smooth Sanded Oak
All 0 fixtures are finished with Clear Danish Watco Oil

M = Powder Coated Metal

Note: Oil Based Sealer will accept all stains and paints.

Our Story

Since 1975 Idaho Wood has produced lighting fixtures for national distribution. Our 16,000 square foot plant is outfitted with modern equipment and a total waste recovery system.

The design of products, manufacturing processes and our marketing practices are an integrated system. We employ the “Short Run Production,” Quality before Volume, manufacturing approach. It is our purpose to provide aesthetically pleasing lights that function well. We manufacture with consideration for our employees welfare and maximize the value added to precious natural resources.

We are known by the companies we keep and the close contact we have with our customers. In depth Technical Services, replacement parts, and same day shipping are immediately available by phone, e-mail or fax.

Our continued business philosophy:
1. Direct Sales. Our best price to all.
2. Below Expected Price.
3. On Time Delivery.
4. Customer Satisfaction

LED lamps are an integral part of our business. Please see our LED Page for details. Note that nearly all of our fixtures can use an LED lamp.
Note: You may specify unfinished for anything in the catalog. We keep a limited amount of inventory of unfinished S & 0 designated fixtures. Please try to look ahead with your special needs.

Dimensions and specifications code
H = Height MH = Metal Halide
W = Width MW = Maximum Wattage
L = Length HPS = High Pressure Sodium
D = Depth M = Powder Coated Steel
F = Fluorescent HID = High Intensity Discharge
Sealer = Woodtech by Columbia

Electrical - All fixtures are National Electric Code(NEC) compliant for their intended application. Note: All incandescent fixtures may be used as 12 volt or fluorescent. Specify wattage. Lens - All fixtures use a 1/8" white Ultra-Violet Resistant Acrylic. Mica lens available for most fixtures. Bulbs - Appropriate long-life bulbs furnished(except for decorator globes). Installation - All fixtures are complete and ready for installation .... and provided with simple, comprehensive installation instructions. Compact Fluorescent Lamps available for most fixtures. HID luminaires are available for appropriately dimensioned fixtures.

Designers, Architects, Specifiers and Builders
Please know that we have available the following information to help you use our products to enhance your projects.
Fast Fax .... Illustrated Specifications Sheets
  • Custom Design
  • Modifications of our product design
  • Photometrics
  • Installation Instructions
  • Footing Details/templates
  • Accent lighting recommendations


It is intended that our immediate response to your needs in both getting our catalog in your hands and shipping the products per your order will make for a permanent relationship.

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