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Lite Stik

The "Lite- Stik" is one of Idaho Wood's innovative designs.  The R222 "Lite-Stik" is certain to capture your imagination for its variety of uses.  This fixture will enhance your landscape, garden walkways, driveways and other areas you need to mark but not flood with light. Finished with an Oil based sealer.

The R222 is an energy saving 12 volt light that may be installed individually or as a series of lights.   The 4 watts of Tivoli style light bulbs are encased in a clear acrylic tube which cast light in all directions.  The tube is embedded in a wood stick and attached to an 8" metal spike.

Use 4 watts per "Lite-Stik" when calculating size of transformer.  We furnish 12' of wire per Stik, King silicone filled water-proof connectors.  Bulbs are permanent and rated for 50,000 hours.

R-222 $25 14"H, 1-5/8" Square 99



Please Note: All of our fixtures on the other pages of this site will work as low voltage, except the street lights. You just need to request them as low voltage and we will include a standard medium base low voltage bulb in the wattage that you specify. We stock 25, 50, 75 and 100 watt lamps. You will, of course, need a transformer to go between any low voltage fixture and regular line voltage.

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