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Cedar and Powder Coated Steel Street and Area Luminaires

Now available in LED - Consult with Factory

Idaho Wood

Cedar and Powder Coated Steel
Street and Area Luminaries

The R296 series of street and area lights have been installled in U.S. National Parks, marinas, commercial parking areas and residential developments. The beautiful Steel octagon cedar-clad poles and framed heads add distinction and the warmth of wood to any site.
      A steel superstructure lies within the Clear Cedar 5" square wood pole. A 3/8" steel base plate and junction box are joined by a length of 3" steel tubing to the welded head assembly. The lights come in single configurations. They range in height from 10' to 16'. The post is pre-wired. The head ships as a separate piece. The head attaches simply while on the ground with two bolts.
      Anchor bolts should be specified by you in accordance with local conditions and furnished by the customer. We can advise you and we can obtain anchor bolts for you upon request.
      The fixtures are full cut-off because of the wood trim.
     We use Cree Luminaries. They are the leaders of the LED industry. We can obtain different size fixtures for different lumen specifications. But for pricing purposes we offer the LED 25 watt, 2416 lumens, 4000K, 70 CRL. Inquire for others.

10' $1150
12' $1250
14' $1350
16' $1450


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